Inspire others through your talents

Share your passion: maybe it’s Investing & Trading, Graphic Design, or Digital Marketing. Do you know how to become the King or Queen of Tik Tok? Can you show us how to take cool photos on a smartphone? Dog training, anime drawing, ghost hunting - whatever drives you, we have a platform just for you.

Create Classes

Grab a laptop and share your work! Easily stream your classes. Forget programs that were never designed for teaching online. Discover a platform specifically designed for education.


Start earning right away or get famous first and reap enormous benefits down the road. You’ll get paid for your time; charge for your lessons or share them for free. Set yourself up and become an independent educator. You even have the opportunity to charge monthly subscriptions for your classes. So get sharing.

Control Your Timetable

Become the boss, forget stressful things like accounting, collections, student assistance or filmmaking. Profit from being in control of your time; log in and teach when you like, inspire your community and earn money for it.

On Teech, you are a star

Teach live and recorded classes
Invite students to participate in class
Have an unlimited amount of students
Create a community of interested followers
Decide if your class is free or paid
Set up monthly subscriptions for your classes
Screen share your content with a class

Ready to start teaching?

At Teech.TV, our community support team is on-hand to support you through every step of your journey.

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